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AI operating system for customer support.


AI operating system for customer support.

Welcome innovation, say goodbye to the old ways. Focus on what truly matters to your customers - to provide fast and accurate resolutions like never before.

Welcome innovation, say goodbye to the old ways.

Your support ops is broken. We're reinventing the way your support team operates using the power of AI and actionable insights.

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Using multiple data sources to enrich the context

We use the data to constantly improve the accuracy and the coverage of your support.

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To deliver the most accurate resolution for every customer ticket

Faster ticket resolution


Resolves predictable tickets quickly and efficiently by communicating autonomously with customers.

Reduces repetitive workloads for agents so they can focus on resolving unpredictable tickets.

Lifts customer satisfaction with more consistent, and more timely, responses.

Cut down the handilng time


Surfaces content sources to prevent contradictions between your knowledge base and your agents, and improve consistency of responses.

Suggesting ideal resolutions for tickets, based on historical ticket data.

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Preps each agent for action with a richly contextual brief of each ticket.

Help you customers like never before

Proactive Self-Serve*

Help your customers on your platform to autonomously resolve their issues, even before they submit a ticket.

Escalate to the support agents if we can't resolve the issues or if we think that an agent can resolve it better.

Seamless Integrations

With Quack, you’ll see significant reductions in

Time to resolution
Number of iterations per ticket
Number of escalations
Cost per ticket
Customer churn

And significant improvements in

Customer retention
Customer satisfaction
Workplace efficiency
Your business’ growth trajectory
Customer churn

Support customers. Not tickets.

The future of customer support starts here.

SOC2 Compliant

Your customer’s data is always safe with Quack’s enterprise-grade security and privacy compliance.